Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My first ever run as a mentor :-)

Okay, so I am a mentor of a running group (eloquently named 6.b :-)

We met on Monday, 04/24/06 at Charleston Park adjacent to Googleplex at 7pm. This was the route we took for our nice and easy 1.6 mile long warm-up run. We followed it up with a good session of stretching and strengthening exercises till 8.30pm. I can not help noticing how much more I am learning about the exercises this year than last... Simply because I have to teach this year, I am going over them again and again, while last year... well, the less said the better... Hopefully, I will avoid my lower leg injury this year by doing proper strengthening exercises regularly. And I hope my mentees will be better students than I was...


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